Nationality: Spanish

What is your favourite thing to do? I love to have fun wherever I am, dance and party! I ofcourse love to be on the beach in a bikini and relaxing. I also love to work, I love my job as a Monster Girls (everything apart from the airports!)

Tell us your Monster Girl story, how did you become a Monster Girl? I have always wanted to join the team and I was working at the MXGP when I was scouted! I was so happy and felt like a part of the team as soon as I started working! So thank you MXGP for my job!!!

What do fans say to you when they meet you? We have the most amazing fans in the world, I am very lucky to have been in FHM recently as a featured model, so I have had a lot of fans contact me with congratulation’s. People are so nice, the come over at events and say hello and sometimes give me gifts!

Monster Girls