MXGP Domination

Dave Thorpe is one of the true legends of the sport. Three world 500cc motocross championships to his name, and 22 Grand Prix victories, he is amongst the greatest GP riders of all time, in an era when the 500cc class was very similar to the MXGP class now.

Full of former or present world championships the current crop of GP riders have made sure the GP riders dominate the sport, and keep that impressive MXoN, Chamberlain trophy in Europe. Thorpe believes it is all because of the big three, Antonio Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser, with a total of 14 world titles between them and a lot of GP victories.

What has impressed Thorpe in recent times is the depth and action that the MXGP class brings, and he again goes back to the big three and their part in making the GP riders so dominant.

“You know, when you have a very competitive championship like MXGP, and the riders are pushing themselves on, and like I said, when you have Jeffrey, Tim and Antonio, they are really pushing each other to the limit and that is pretty much why they are the best in the world at the moment.”

As for Herlings, a rider who won a lot in 2017, including the USGP, and a round of the AMA Nationals, not to mention a handful of GP victories, he knows that the competition in the MXGP class has made everyone better.

“If you want to race the big boys (MXGP),” Herlings said. “You need to not only be fast, but also smart. I have always shown a lot of speed, but sometimes I have shown weakness and not been smart, and obviously I have lost championships and races because of but the MXGP class, you need to be really good in many things, because it’s the toughest class out there. When I started my GP career I think we had 14 GPs and now we have 20. So, the competition isn’t only getting tougher, but the series is also getting tougher.”

So, going into 2018, while Antonio Cairoli, Tim Gajser and Jeffrey Herlings might be the main three, a long list of GP riders will be pushing harder than ever and the level of the toughest motocross championship in the world will once again rise to another level, and when those GP riders arrive at the RedBud circuit in US for the 2018 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations, don’t be surprised to see the current trend of European victories continue.

Geoff Meyer



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