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Rasmus Jorgensen is really growing into his job at the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna MX2 effort. The former racer from Denmark helps out the riders with their training, and in other areas, and as we saw at the last Grand Prix in Latvia, his riders are starting to really produce great results.

Thomas Kjer Olsen won the Grand Prix, Thomas Covington led a moto and looked really strong, and young British rider Conrad Mewse also had his best GP of the season.

We caught up with Jorgensen and asked him about the last GP and how the team is improving.

Q: I remember you mentioning that you cried when Thomas won the EMX title. How did it feel seeing him win in Latvia?

Jorgensen: It was amazing. Probably the longest 30 minutes of my life that second moto. With the start he got, the chances of winning the overall were not good. He worked his way up, and I am not going to lie there might have been a little tear in my eyes when he crossed the finish line. It’s all gone so fast. Last year he won the European championship and now he has won a Grand Prix. It’s amazing and I am super proud of him and he is working really hard.

Q: To win after seven Grand Prix, that is pretty special. I think Jeffrey Herlings won after like four GPs and Roczen maybe half a dozen.

Jorgensen: It is amazing. Prado also won this year and it shows how strong the EMX was last year and it’s nice to see the system is working. We now know that if he puts himself into a good position, anything is possible, we saw that in Latvia. I mean we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. He is third in the championship, which is far more than we expected. We just keep doing what we are doing and hopefully it will continue like this.

Q: Do you think he will be ok in a place like Teutschenthal, because that is a place you really need to use your experience?

Jorgensen: He will be ok, but we will have to see. He has ridden great there before, but you really need a start there, because everyone is really close there. We just keep doing what we are doing. He needs to try and put himself in a good position.

Q: Actually, all the three Husqvarna riders did well in Latvia.

Jorgensen: For sure the best weekend for the team so far. Covington was riding amazing, pulling away from Jonass in that one moto, but bummer for him he made a mistake. Conrad was also strong. We keep working as a team and hopefully it will all be improving, just it did in Latvia.


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