Nationality: Spanish, I live in Barcelona!

What is your happy place where you relax after work? The beach and my dog! There is nothing better than going for walks along the beach with my dog who loves to swim, it is so relaxing and makes me happy. Although if I relax for too long I get bored and cant wait to get back to work to see the girls! I also love boats, anything by the ocean keeps me happy.

You are known for your time in Moto GP, what is different between that and MXGP? The dust! MXGP is also more muddy but it is so much fun. The fans are awesome and down to earth and the racing is so exciting. I am really lucky to be able to stand on the start line and see the racing that close!

Tell us your Monster Girl story, how did it start for you? I entered a competition called Monster Girl Search back in 2012! I was one of the winners and the rest is history! My first event was Monza Rally with Valentino Rossi, I loved the weekend and couldn’t wait to start my life as a Monster Girl.

Monster Girls