2020 MXGP of Argentina: Interview

Of course, every year for the last six years the FIM Motocross World Championship has headed to Argentina for what many describe as the best Grand Prix of the season. Beautiful scenery, an amazing circuit and a massive crowd attendance, the event run in the area of Patagonia is a highlight for everyone who attends or watches on television.

Luca De La Fuente is an Argentine businessman who works with the promotion team for the Grand Prix of Patagonia Argentina. There is one thing that is 100% sure, the Argentine community are excited to have the FIM Motocross World championships back in South America and the promoters of the event will do everything possible to make sure that it is again a brilliant experience for the passionate local fans.

“We never talked about cancelling it,” De La Fuente said. “We just moved the date, and not because of us, because of this worldwide problem. The idea is that date, but we are very flexible depending on the situation and the other countries. All the people in the sport need to be patient, and starting from Infront, who have a lot of work to do. I think this year more than ever us, riders, teams, Infront, we all have to be on the same page.  As this is a Worldwide situation we need to push together to try and save the season.”

With their typical enthusiasm and passion to run the best Grand Prix of the year, we can all count on Argentina not only running a brilliant event in 2020, but also in the future years. Another positive is the event is now set down for November, which is the start of the warmer weather, so without question the whole GP paddock will be looking forward to heading to some sunshine and t-shirt weather in the middle of November.

“November is the start of the good weather, similar to what we would have had if the race went ahead last month. We talked with Infront and they think the championship will go further into the year and then the idea of having it in November and we said if it is like that, okay, it is a nice time of the year here, so we are excited to have it at that time of the year.”

So now, as we await the return of the MXGP series in the coming months, we can also look forward to something a little special in the winter months, which is one of the positives from this very difficult time in the World.

Geoff Meyer



When news broke last week about the new calendar, the whole MXGP paddock celebrated.

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