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MONACO (Principality of Monaco), 18 February 2016 - Tickets have now opened for the all NEW Supermotocross Riders’ & Manufacturers’ Cup which is set to take place inside the VELTINS-Arena, Germany on October 8th 2016.

A Youthstream delegation recently visited the venue to go over the details of this all new and exciting event. Following the visit, Youthstream are confident that the Supermotocross Riders’ & Manufacturers’ Cup will be one to remember. Track design, the building of the track, spectator facilities, entertainment, and the organization were all topics of a fruitful discussion where it was obvious that everything is falling into place.

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What is Supermotocross? It is a new concept of off-road racing where the world’s fastest MXGP and MX2 riders will team up and race for the glory of their manufacturer on a motocross track built by the world’s best track designers inside a stadium.

The football field, home to FC Schalke 04, will be removed from the stadium in order to protect the pitch. More than 25,000 cubic meters of dirt will be trucked in and built on a removable hard base surface. The idea of the tracks layout will be to make for safe and fluid racing without compromising the ‘WOW’ factor. This means you can expect big battles, fast paced racing and some decent airtime in terms of jumps.

All of the fastest motocross riders in the world will be there and ready to go bar to bar inside the floodlit stadium in a battle for brand supremacy. All 7 manufacturers will take part, KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and TM. Each brand will line up 3 riders who will compete for a massive cash prize.

Does it sound amazing?

Get in quick and take advantage of our EASTER SPECIAL where you can buy your tickets at a DISCOUNTED price. There are four different types of tickets available to purchase, each zone has a different view of the track. All tickets include a free return trip with VRR public transport (2nd class) in the VRR zone (or city/fare zone). For more info visit


Here are the ticket types:


Experience the SMX trackside and watch the world’s best riders go flat out on the straights and get some big air while jumping the most exciting jumps of the circuit. These seats are located on the side of the track and offer a clear view of the finish line and of the circuit’s longest straights, plus a clear view on the most thrilling parts of the course: the first corner, where the SMX Pro class riders will try to take the holeshot 3 times!

Remember these are numbered seats!


Sit comfortably behind the start area and watch a night filled with the most exciting racing. These seats are located right behind the start gate area, from which the world’s leading riders will take off to a flying start and try take the holeshot at turn one, on which you will have a clear view.

Remember these are numbered seats!


The highest seated area of the VELTINS-Arena will offer a comprehensive view of the action packed SMX track. These seats are available all around the arena’s length and are located at the highest point of the arena itself.

Remember these are numbered seats!


This is the only standing area available for the event. Buy a ticket for this zone and you will be able to move freely from one side to the other of the stand. While standing here it seems like the bikes are running towards you as this is where the start straight heads to!

Remember these are standing places, no seats available.

But, if you want to have the ultimate Supermotocross Riders’ Cup experience keep an eye out for the VIP Packages and Paddock tickets which are not yet on sale, but will be soon.

EASTER DISCOUNT ends March 28th.


Watch the SMX trailer by clicking HERE and don't forget to follow this link or visit our FACEBOOK page for more details.






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