Jeremy Seewer in 2017

When the 2016 season started, it became very clear that Suzuki Factory rider Jeremy Seewer was going to be a contender in the MX2 class. Snapped up by the new owner of the Suzuki Factory team, Stefan Everts, and having Everts by his side was a major reason for his success and Seewer is hoping it will be the help of the greatest GP rider of all time, that will see him reach his own glory.

“I really like working with Stefan,” Seewer said. “He has so much experience, and he can tell me a lot about how to prepare for a race. That is why I signed for 2018 and 2019, because I believe in him, and we both want success in both the MX2 and MXGP class.”

Everts feels the same way about Seewer and is looking forward to seeing him blossom into a possible world MX2 champion and also a good MXGP rider in 2018.

“Working with Jeremy has been a pleasure,” Everts said. “We have a good feeling and a good spirit between us. We have the same goal and same ambition. I’m very pleased that we could come to an agreement with Jeremy for the ’18 and ’19 MXGP seasons. It’s an important phase of my planning for what I want to achieve with the Suzuki Factory Team.”

At 22-years-old, Seewer is one of the oldest riders in the MX2 class, a class full of teenagers. Of course, the Swiss rider isn’t old, but he will be hoping the experience he has over his rivals will count at seasons end.

“I was very happy to finish the season in second place in 2016. I felt I had some really good rounds, and I enjoyed many races, but I want to do better this year.”

Seewer will also look forward to heading to Qatar, a place he enjoyed visiting last year. It’s a place he has done well, actually scoring a seventh place in 2015 after having very little preparation, and again in 2016 he showed good skills, finishing in fourth place overall.

“I enjoy Qatar, not just the racing, but also the place. Last year after the race we did some sightseeing in Doha. The whole MX2 crew and I went to the Pearl. It was impressive to see what people are capable of. We enjoyed some lunch in a nice restaurant, watched some Qatari’s going up and down with their Ferraris and Lamborghinis I remember in 2015 I was hardly riding at all before Qatar because of the studying schedule at school. Now instead of just an hour cycling on the bicycle after school I’ll be doing a gym session in the morning, then on the bike for an hour and a half in the afternoon and riding the next day.”

With names like Jeffrey Herlings, Max Anstie, and Dylan Ferrandis out of the MX2 class, the possibility for Seewer to score not only his first Grand Prix victory, but maybe also a world title, will start in a months’ time in Qatar. 

Geoff Meyer



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