Livia Lancelot and the Aussies

Livia Lancelot team manager of the 114 Motorsport Honda team is excited for the 2020 season as she heads into the MX2 championship with two Australian riders. Lancelot as a former Women’s World Motocross champion has dealt with Australian riders before and knows that their hard-working ethic and easy-going nature works well on the tough World motocross scene.

Working with 21-year-old Nathan Crawford and 18-year-old Bailey Malkiewicz the leader of the 114 Motorsport Honda team feels comfortable so far as her riders prepare for 2020.

“Obviously since we started this team with Giacomo (Gariboldi), we had Hunter and then Mitch, and I really like the spirit they have. They are working really hard and focusing on the right things. I also fell in love with their spirit of racing, and Americans are also like this. In Australia we found some good kids with a good spirit. It is a bit of a game for these guys, because we don’t know if they will make a  podium next year, I believe they can, and we have given them the chance to do it.”

What does surprise Lancelot is how close her two riders are in speed, which is a good thing as they are pushing each other hard in training.

“They are both doing really good. Sometimes Bailey is faster and sometime Nathan is faster, they are pushing each other on practice, and they will improve from that. They are riding with a full standard 250cc 2020. They have different styles and I really like watching them ride. If they keep working the way they are since they arrived, then I believe we can be on the podium in 2020.”

With more training and testing over the next few months, and of course some pre-season races Lancelot feels her riders can make podiums in 2020 and continue the connection with Australian riders on the Grand Prix podium.


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We’ve got a mid-week treat for you!

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