MXGP: awaiting the return of racing

As countries continue to come out of lockdown, borders opening, motocross tracks again ridden on by the best motocross riders in the World, we all begin to feel positive about seeing our sport alive again in 2020. We all get the feeling it won’t be long before we all can start booking flights and hotels and once again venture to some of the most beautiful motocross circuits in the World.

After two sensational rounds of MXGP and MX2 in England and Holland, coronavirus closed the World down, and we just waited, waited to see what the next step was, and we continued to wait until just recently when the lockdown was eased up.

For the MXGP points leader Jeffrey Herlings of the Red Bull KTM Factory team, a rider who has spent enough time on the side-lines with injury, not being able to ride when fit was a tough pill to swallow.

"It was really a nightmare," Herlings said. "I felt great. I had won the first two GPs and could not wait to travel to Argentina. But then suddenly the call came up with 'cancel it but close your agenda for the next few months. "

For our motocross riders simple things like going to their favourite practice track, or training with friends was put on hold, but now, as we have seen throughout Europe and the World things are a lot more normal than they were a month or two months ago.

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Team rider Gautier Paulin was quickly into safety mode as he joined his partner and baby in their family home.

“You know,” Paulin said. “The first thing to do after they postponed Argentina was to be safe. I have my family and I am happy to be close to them and see the little one growing, so I am very grateful for this. At the beginning I was watching on the news, Yamaha also gave me advice not to ride and it wasn’t a crazy obligation, but I decided myself to put the bike in the work-shop, because it was tough for the hospitals and it wasn’t the time to go riding. I just wanted to be safe and they had enough trouble with the coronavirus.”

So now we start to wonder when the MXGP and MX2 championships will commence again. Now it is Russia and Latvia in early August, and with two months before those events are scheduled, there is some excitement for what is to come as far as news in the coming weeks.

Photo Copyright: Ray Archer

Geoff Meyer



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