MXGP Hopes on the future

While the World is going through tough time, we are fortunate in the motocross world that we have many positive attitudes and companies working together to bring motocross back bigger than ever once this period is over.

Infront Moto Racing President Mr Giuseppe Luongo and KTM Motorsports Director Pit Beirer are two of the most positive people involved in the running of the MXGP championship and as we are asked to stay home and get the World back on its feet, Luongo and Beirer are working in the background, trying to make things happen when we are over the current lockdown.

“I am a very positive person,” Luongo said. “I think when all the world returns to normality there will be a big boost to the economy for two main reasons.  First because it’s really the will of everyone to return to the joy of life, to feel more the value of freedom and to recover the lost time, this is what’s happened after many big crisis like wars or big epidemic. Then, because most of the governments and central banks are putting a lot of support to the economy and people in difficulties. The difficult moment might be in between before the virus will be managed or stopped worldwide, which may take several months and might be the critical moment where people will be scared and the governments are fighting with uncertainty to re-start the economy and manage their fear of a possible virus come-back. But we have to face this positively considering all the safety for the health but also with the will to re-start our life and jobs.

Beirer, who shut down the KTM racing department before the governments even mentioned lockdown, feels that being positive is an important step in moving forward and getting closer to what will become a great ending to the MXGP and MX2 championships.

Beirer said. “I am also the optimistic guy, so I am also not following all the guys who talk to an end, that the economy is finished, and the racing is finished, no, nothing is finished. We have to come back to normality as quickly as possible, we all know this is a dramatic situation but I hope whenever we will be able to re-start, we will act with some smart behaviour and then we go full gas again. I trust all these fantastic medical people around the World. You look at racing how often we find a limit, and then find it again, with improvements in the bikes or riders, all our fantastic engineers and riders, continue to find something to go faster again, and while the medicine is not yet here, with all the brainstorming and money that is going into looking for a vaccine, then we will find that.”

So now, as the people in charge of some of the major companies involved in the sport, we the fans sit and wait, hoping that when the gate drops for the third round of the MXGP championship, we can once again enjoy the battles between MXGP World Champion Tim Gajser and former MXGP champions Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli. That in the end, is what many of us live for.

Photo Copyright: Ray Archer

Geoff Meyer



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