Tonus and Paulin: Ready for racing

For two Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP riders, Arnaud Tonus and Gautier Paulin, the wait for the season to restart has been though, but both riders know the importance of the world getting back on its feet and the sport also moving into a more positive position.

Tonus who is back home in Switzerland working hard and preparing to come back to his best form is open for whatever it takes to restart the 2020 MXGP championship

“For myself,” Tonus said. “I am waiting for whatever calendar they offer us, and then prepare for that. I need to be ready for those races. I take it as it comes, and I stay ready. I think it is going to happen and I really hope so and I think it can turn over pretty quickly. We can see now they really start to open things up and they want to make the world move again, because it is hard on the economy and I think moving in this direction we will race. I think whatever they can do to make races is great and I am open for that. I think for the brands, the sponsors, the teams, everyone, we need racing, so I am open for anything to get back going again.”

Sitting in France with his little child and wife Paulin is ready to come back now but understands it might be a little while before we can see racing again, and he is prepared for whatever schedule is decided. He has continued to work hard on his profession and expects to be 100% ready when the gate drops.

“I am an athlete inside and outside,” Paulin said. “I really love sport, so just to get ready for the first GP is tough and it is a tight period with your training and then riding the bike you don’t have much time to do your sport. Motocross is demanding, so when we stopped, I took some rest and then started training again, and doing things I couldn’t do before. The first thing I will answer, this is my job and I listen to what the calendar is and make it happen. Have a great world championship is the goal anyway. I am ready to go racing tomorrow if we need to.”

No doubt, when the MXGP championship is again up and running, these two Yamaha mounted riders will be more than ready to once again put 100% into their performance and help the sport continue to look amazing.

Photo Copyright: Yamaha Racing 

Geoff Meyer



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