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MXGP (top 3)
1 Antonio Cairoli KTM 13 Points
2 Gautier Paulin Kawasaki 4 Points
3 Kevin Strijbos Suzuki 3 Points


MX2 (top 3)
1 José Butron KTM         9 Points
2 Jordi Tixier KTM 5 Points
3 Jeffrey Herlings KTM 5 Points

Best Lap

MXGP (top 3)
1 Antonio Cairoli KTM 8 Points
2 Clement Desalle Suzuki 4 Points
3 Gautier Paulin Kawasaki 2 Points


MX2 (top 3)
1 Jeffrey Herlings KTM 9 Points
2 Arnaud Tonus Kawasaki 4 Points
3 Roman Febvre Husqvarna 2 Point


WATCH VIDEO: Antonio Cairoli coming after Max Nagl #12. MXGP of Leon 2014 - Cairoli on Nagl - Motocross
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Kevin Strijbos and Antonio Cairoli take the concluding MXGP Fox Head Europe hole shots in Leon, Mexico. WATCH VIDEO:


WATCH VIDEO: @kevinstrijbos and @AntonioCairoli take the concluding #MXGP @FoxEurope Head hole shots in...
Watch the final MX2 @FoxEurope holeshot from #MXGP of Leon. VIDEO: @jorditixier @RFebvre461 #MX2
The final french! @antoniocairoli & @jorditixier - 2014 #MXGP & #MX2 champions.

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