2019 FIM E-X Bike World Cup

Just a few days left until the inaugural FIM E-X Bike World Cup gets underway at the hard pack track of Imola, Italy, on Saturday 17th August and Youthstream is very pleased to present the official entry list for the event that can be downlaoded HERE


Key information: 

·      The individual competition is reserved to electrically assisted bicycles

·       It features the following classes which will compete together in a unique race taking place on the Saturday afternoon: 

  • EXBGP/EXBGPW (Women): E-Bicycle equipped with a motor with a maximum rated continuous power of more than 250W and whose assistance can exceed 25 km/h but does not exceed 45 km/h.
  • EXB2 / EXB2W (Women): E-Bicycle equipped with a motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 250W and whose assistance does not exceed 25 km/h.

·       Participants need to hold a valid FIM E-X Bike World Cup licence and request an entry in advance before the date of the event, contact sportoffice@mxgp.com for more details

·       Age Limit: 14-55

·       Riders need to select the appropriate helmet and protective equipment according to the FIM E-X Bike World Cup Regulations

·       Prior the competition, a technical control must be carried out. Riders have two possibilities for technical control: Friday 16th August 10h00 – 18h00 and Saturday 17th August 10h00 – 15h00.

·       Riders are provided with a transponder and a number plate  

·       The World Cup will run in a unique combined race of 25 mins + 1 lap gathering all classes

·       Final winners will be divided by class and gender. Separate classifications for men and women are foreseen in each class with eventually 4 different winners


If you wish to have more details on the first ever E-Bicycle race on a motocross track happening this weekend at Imola, Italy, you can download the regulations in PDF format HERE or watch the latest video HERE

Don’t miss this occasion, register NOW to enter the event and become the first ever E-X Bike World Cup winner! 


Riders should contact their National Federation in advance in order to make sure the licence will be issued within Friday.

All the entered riders to the FIM E-X Bike World Cup will receive 3 paddock passes and a living area pass which will be valid for Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the full racing of the MXGP of Italy.

ONLINE registrations will be open until Thursday 15th August upon one event FIM E-X Bike licence confirmation and those riders registering onsite need to be at Imola either on Friday morning for mandatory technical controls and license control. Here below the full schedule in local time/CET: 

Friday 16th August

10:00 – 18:00 Technical Verification

Saturday 17th August

08:00 Track Walk; 09:20 Start Gate Demonstration

10:00 – 15:00 Technical Verification

18:40: E-X Bike Race – 25 mins + 1 lap

The FIM E-Xbike World Cup will host a unique combined of 25 minutes plus 1 lap which will be broadcasted on Facebook and MXGP-TV.com LIVE worldwide on Saturday 17th August at 18:35 for free. 


For more information follow the FIM E-XBike World Cup on Social Media

Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/EXBikeWorldCup

Instagram Pagehttps://www.instagram.com/exbikeworldcup/


For more information on:

Medical matters: evelyne.magnin@fim.ch

Sporting matters: dirk.deneve@fim.ch

Registration matters: sportoffice@mxgp.com