MXGP Academy


The MXGP Academy faces the following two challenges:

  • Attracting as much youngsters as possible and from all over the world to choose Motocross as their sport activity.
  • Assisting young talented and passionate Motocross riders from all over the world to chase their dream to become a World Star Motocross rider.

To meet these challenges the MXGP Academy is aware of the fact that assistance to riders only is not enough, there is also a need for effective support of the rider's entourage.

Therefore, in addition training and masterclass sessions for riders, the MXGP academy intends to organize also workshops, seminars and panel meetings for parents, trainers and Federation representatives involved in motocross. Besides these activities the MXGP Academy will publish on regularly basis and on all possible media news, reports and information on all issues related to its targets and initiatives.


2023 Stops of the MXGP Academy will be the following: 

- Portugal

- Spain

- Latvia

- Germany

- Czech Republic

- Finland

- Turkyie

Activities planning at the events:


- 13:00 Participants arrive onsite

- 14:00 Briefing with riders and parents. Meeting point: Media center

- 15:00 Riders Education and MX-A Certificate: paddock restaurant

- 15:45 Parents education workshop. Meeting point: paddock restaurant

- 17:00 Training session on the track



- around 10:00 visit to a Team in the Paddock

Watch the 2022 MXGP Academy video HERE