FIM Motocross World Championship Sustainability Policy

Complying with international environmental protection regulations

Infront Moto Racing (IMR) delivers the most popular off-road two-wheel motorsport series in the world - the FIM Motocross World Championship (MXGP). The series must comply with various regulations some of which are focused on environmental protection, noise reduction, and emissions reduction amongst other aspects. As a promotor of The FIM World Motocross Championship (MXGP), the FIM sanctioned events follow and are in line with the FIM Sustainability Policy.

The FIM has a strong sustainability policy dating back to 1992 and more recently, a renewed strategy based on six fundamental pillars: people, sustainable events, sustainable development goals (SDG), governance, awareness and climate. An environmental code that groups all the regulations aimed at protecting soil, biodiversity and water amongst other areas.

All FIM events have mandatory regulations and penalties for non-compliance with the environmental protection rules described in the FIM Environmental Code. Also, the organisers have guidelines for organising high-impact events based on a series of mitigation measures to protect natural resources and to support the SDGs’ achievement.

The FIM has a highly trained technical team to carry out sound measurements so that participating motorcycles do not exceed the limits allowed by technical and environmental regulations.

Environmental Steward

In addition, each event run under the FIM banner is attended by an environmental steward who has been trained by expert instructors from the FIM Academy in matters of sustainability. This person must have passed a rigorous selection and evaluation system, and must have an international environmental steward licence.


The FIM environmental CODE

FIM Championships fully comply with the FIM Environmental code.

Download the code HERE


Sound level control and noise pollution prevention

FIM motorcycle sound measurement specialists perform technical inspections on all participant’s motorcycles, including decibel measurements, using advanced equipment and measurement methods. Each event includes an experienced Sound Control Officer (SCO) and/or an acoustic engineer, if applicable. Additionally, exhaust pipes and silencers must fulfil all the requirements concerning sound control.

The sound system in the paddock is also regulated and adapted to minimise the impact on the surrounding area.

Constant campaign and raise awareness regarding the sound level

Protection of soil and biodiversity

All participants must use environmental mats regulated under the specifications of the FIM Environmental Code when and where the motorcycle is serviced in the paddock or within other designated areas. Additionally, mats are used under the fuel containers and energy generators that also use fuel.
Motorcycle washing areas must also have adequate drainage and suitable surfaces as per the FIM Environmental Code 2023. Inside the paddock, motorcycle washing is prohibited. All the organisers must provide containers for used liquids (oils, coolant etc), and all the events comply with the FIM Environmental Code.  After every race, the organisers must collect all the plastic tear offs discarded by the riders, who use these for safety purposes.

Research:  More recently the FIM has been investing in research conducted by Professor Niels Ryrlholm, an expert in Biodiversity. His research is based on the development of biodiversity within motocross tracks.

Raise Awareness and grassroots

The FIM, the local organiser and Infront Motor Racing collaborate to host the Ride Green Cup, an event aimed at educating and raising awareness amongst young people. During the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship and World Cup, a dedicated team organises activities and contests to encourage sustainable behaviour amongst the young participants. There are various activities that are being organised to promote environmental protection such as lectures, social media contests, tree planting, and other inspiring events.


List of winners

Year    Organiser           Winning Team

2015 El Molar, Spain.     Team Spain

2016 Russia                   Team Latvia

2017 Estonia                  Team Japan

2018 Australia                 Team Italy

2019  Italy                       Team Great Britain

2020                                No event de COVID

2021 Greece                   Team Estonia

2022 Finland                     Team South Africa


Promoting Inclusion

Since 2005, a championship exclusively for women has been established. Moreover, individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to participate as volunteers in the event and organisation.  In 2023 we have the participation of xxx woman in the championship.


FIM Environmental Ambassador

Jeremy Seewer, an FIM Motocross Rider, has been selected as a representative of Motocross as part of the prestigious team of Ride Green Ambassadors consisting of top riders and personalities. As an ambassador, he aims to raise awareness amongst diverse audiences about the Ride Green Programme.


Motocross a Laboratory for the Technology of the Future

As a technology-oriented discipline, the events are in line with the FIM and the Manufacturers Association and we are working together to reduce the impact of the machines. In 2000, the regulations were changed to adapt the engines of the bikes from two to four strokes which drastically reduced the environmental impact of fuel consumption.