Empirelogomats and MXGP continue working together

MONACO (Principality of Monaco) 13 May 2020 – Infront Moto Racing is excited to reveal that Empirelogomats will continue as part of FIM Motocross World Championship, providing various mats and carpets for the incredible MXGP structures.

Empirelogomats and MXGP have been working together for many years, and the renewal of this collaboration is great news for both parties.

Empirelogomats was founded in 2009 by two avid Belgian motocross fans and have followed the FIM Motocross World Championship for many years. In the winter of 2009 they came up with the idea of printing onto carpet, just as you would onto a poster. By 2010 printing was in progress and Empirelogomats were in high demand.

From early on, Empirelogomats have partnered with MXGP with their high-quality carpets found in many areas of the MXGP paddock, from offices, to the podium, the popular Skybox Terrace, as well as the MXGP Skybox Restaurant.

Since 2009 the use of Environmental Mats became compulsory at all FIM events, as the FIM rule book states “an Environmental Mat is compulsory for all disciplines. It must be composed of an absorbent part and an impermeable part. Its use will be compulsory everywhere where work on motorcycles is allowed.” The purpose of an Environmental Mat is to protect the earth by preventing fuel, oil, coolant or any harmful substance from making contact with the ground.

Each carpet features a rubber/PVC base with a thick and absorbent layer of Nylon on top, with the Nylon acting as an absorbent, while the rubber and PVC base working as a barrier of which the absorbed substance cannot seep through. That’s why Empirelogomats have become so popular in the industry and are used by many of the top teams in MXGP, as not only do they help to protect the environment from harmful substances, they are also great for advertising purposes, too.

Empirelogomats stands for genuine ecological environmental carpets and they are the only ones making them according to all the FIM regulations with official approved TÜV and ISO9001 certificates and labels making sure that effectively these carpets contribute to the preservation of the environment. Empirelogomats is dedicated to help improve the global issues concerning pollution involved in mechanical sports and therefore fights against all use of piracy and fake carpets in the market.


You can follow Empirelogomats on social media:

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Infront Moto Racing



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When news broke last week about the new calendar, the whole MXGP paddock celebrated.

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