Former World Champion Carlos Campano Competes in Brazil

With the depth of talent in MXGP this year deeper than ever, the chance of a wild-card entry throwing everyone a curve ball is very slim. Although the odds may be stacked against him, 2010’s FIM Motocross MX3 World Champion Carlos Campano is not afraid to give it a bash and is actually excited to line up and test his speed against the best in the world. After speaking to the down-to-earth Spaniard, who you may recognize from a round of the 2011 FIM MX1 World Championship where he was running inside the top three before the race was red flagged due to a serious crash, we learned he’s been living the last two years in Brazil and has been dominating the Brazilian championship for Brazil’s Factory Yamaha team. Now after a three-year absence to the MXGP scene, Campano will line up here in Beto Carrero to see where he fits in the big picture.

So originally you are from Spain, but rumor on the street is you are living in Brazil now. Can you explain that situation to me?

Well I came here to live in 2012. In October 2011 I came to meet the team and have a look here for a house. Everything was good, I really like it here, so in 2012 I came to live here so I can race.

That’s cool, are you enjoying it over here?

Yes! 2012 was very good; I won the championship here so that was good. But last year was more difficult because I broke my leg but I have still been enjoying it and I like racing here.

You were the 2010 FIM MX3 World Champion, then in 2011 you were given an opportunity of a life time to ride for Yamaha Rinaldi as a stand in for David Philippaerts in MX1 (now MXGP), how did that go?

In 2011 at Matterley Basin (Great Britain) I finished sixth in race two. 

Have you ridden here in Beto Carrero before?

Yes, I rode here once before, in 2012 for the Brazilian Championship.

What do you think about the track?

I think it’s pretty tight and difficult. Maybe a little small so I think it will make the racing really tight.

So what inspired you to race MXGP this weekend?

I always want to race MXGP. But the last two years I have been injured at the time MXGP comes to Brazil and then the other GP’s I can’t do because I live here in Brazil. So for me it’s nice I can race this GP along with all the other fast Brazilian guys so we can compare our speed to the rest of the world, and see how effective our training has been through the winter.

It’s been a while since you last raced in the MXGP class but you are back this weekend, what are your goals and expectations?

Really, I don’t know, I mean it’s a long time since I have raced these guys. For sure the level in MXGP is really high and this year it is really really high but I hope I have a good race and I am near the front.

Do you feel a bit nervous?

Um, yeah I am a little nervous but I am also pumped for the race. It’s going to be a lot of fun and really good.

Last question, I see the 2011 FIM MX3 World Champion Julien Bill is also riding in Brazil now. That will make for some really interesting racing over here! Have you raced him yet?

Yes I did already a few races against him.

Who won?

I did! But it was not easy you know because he always starts in the front and I have to come from behind but it’s good racing.

So the Brazilian fans are going to be watching to see which one of you does the best this weekend in MXGP…

Yes for sure they are all watching to see where we are! They will like it very much!

Thanks Carlos! Have fun this weekend and good luck!

Nikki Scott



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