During the 2023 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in Ernee, France, GET, a brand owned by Athena took the opportunity to present their new products along with stars from Team Australia, Jett and Hunter Lawrence. 

The preview was bout the new SX1 PRO 2T and SX1 PRO 4T electronic control units, which will be on the market next November. GET is the leading producer of ECUs for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. These advanced devices are compatible with all electronic injection Motocross and Enduro models from the main Austrian and Japanese manufacturers. 

Each SX1 PRO ECU will be part of a kit that also contains the SX1 Connect WiFi module, which allows mapping parameters to be set from smartphones. The kit will also include the SX1 Controller, an innovative handlebar control that allows riders to activate and manage a series of advanced functions, such as map selection, electronic shifting, traction control and launch control. The device is also equipped with LEDs that allow all this information to be easily viewable, ensuring intuitive and immediate control of the motorbike's performance. 



The SX1 PRO control units are the result of GET's deep commitment to OEM supplies for some of the most prestigious manufacturers on the market. Each electronic component, the production phases and the rigorous quality controls have consequently been raised to the highest standards. 

The introduction of the SX1 platform marks a significant step in GET's aftermarket product offering through the adoption of a CAN-bus-based UDS (Unified Diagnostics Services) communication protocol and the implementation of a stringent Automotive validation plan. This approach brings the benefits of concrete improvements in reliability, speed, and efficiency. Two racing maps are pre-loaded in the internal memory of each control unit. They can be selected using the multifunction SX1 Controller, included in the kit. These maps are carefully studied and optimized for each specific application, to maximize performance in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. The availability of the mappings that can be set is practically unlimited, thanks to the possibility of creating customized profiles with the WiGET app and uploading them to the ECU using the SX1 Connect module, also included in the kit. SX1 PRO ECUs feature a new evolution of GET's patented traction control technology, called GPA, which can be adjusted to 10 different levels depending on the rider's needs. Each SX1 PRO, both in the 2T and 4T versions, is designed for plug&play installation, easily replacing the original unit of the motorcycle. 

These control units have been designed to meet the needs of riders of all levels, from professionals to enthusiasts. They are also the ideal choice for racing engine tuners, because they make it possible to customize and adapt each parameter through the professional Maya software, available separately. All SX1 PRO control units are produced completely in the GET laboratories in Italy, from the Research and Development processes through the assembly stage. 



SX1 Controller opens a new chapter in the interaction between rider and motorcycle in off-road scenarios. This innovative handlebar control intuitively and immediately unifies all the functions necessary for a revolutionary riding experience. The 7 integrated LEDs provide complete visual control over the set mapping level, GPA traction control, and electronic gearshift activation. By using the GET Quickshifter sensor, available as an accessory, it's possible to integrate this functionality even on applications that originally do not support it. Furthermore, the SX1 Controller displays a view of the engaged gears (on KTM, Gas Gas, Husqvarna and Kawasaki applications), the activation of Launch Control, and reports of critical alarms such as engine overheating. Features and display modes can be customized via WiFi using the SX1 Connect module, included in every SX1 PRO kit. 



SX1 Connect is the lightestfastest, and most compact Wifi module that GET has ever produced. It connects via smartphone or tablet through the free WiGET app and allows riders to make adjustments to the main engine parameters, such as injection and ignition, even on specific points on the map. SX1 Connect also offers the "Monitor" function to display operating and diagnostic data in real time and provide information about the hours of use of the control unit. It's also possible to calibrate the 0-TPS value, configure the functions of the LC-GPA accessory, and restore factory parameters, if necessary. Future updates to the app will make it possible to further customize the functions and information that can be displayed: for example, it will be possible to adjust the brightness intensity and select the colors of the SX1 Controller's LEDs for an even more personalized riding experience. 


All GET products are the result of the experience acquired in the most prestigious international championships, such as MXGP and AMA. The SX1 line has also been developed in collaboration with Team Honda HRC USA, coming off a memorable season with the support of GET, both for the 250 and 450 classes. 

The GET SX1 PRO 2T and 4T ECUs kits are available at suggested retail price of 879,99 € / 979.95 $ (VAT included). 

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