History of Winners

There is something very special about history, and the history books of motocross are full of athletes that have spilt blood, broken bones, and put everything on the line for success.

While all eyes are on Antonio Cairoli and Tim Gajser for this weekend’s Grand Prix of Portugal, it won’t just be the battles on the track in MXGP, but where the riders position themselves motocross folklore.

Everyone is waiting for either Cairoli or Jeffrey Herlings to chase down the all time GP winner list leader, Stefan Everts. Everts with 101 Grand Prix victories will be looking over his shoulder as Cairoli has 89 GP wins and Herlings with 84 GP wins, both are closing fast.

However, it isn’t just Cairoli and Herlings making a move up the all time GP winner list. Two others are also close to the all-time top 25 list. Already Clement Desalle with 23 Grand Prix wins is 18th on the all-time list and closing up quickly is MX2 World Champion Jorge Prado, who with his 19 Grand Prix victories is just two Grand Prix victories from joining motocross legends Sebastien Tortelli (20 GP wins) and Hakan Carlqvist (20 GP wins) in 25th place on the list.

In fact, Prado could easily move into the top 15 in 2019, if he continues to win GP after GP. Two-time World Motocross Champion Tim Gajser also moved up a little with his 16th Grand Prix victory in Trentino last month. Like Prado, he could join the top 25 list in 2019.

So, the question remains, how many GPs will Cairoli, Herlings, Desalle, Prado and Gajser win in 2019, and where will they enter the 2020 season on the all-time list?

All Time Current Riders win List

Antonio Cairoli 89

Jeffrey Herlings 84

Clement Desalle 23

Jorge Prado 19

Tim Gajser 16

Tommy Searle 14

Romain Febvre 12

Gautier Paulin 12

Pauls Jonass 11

Max Nagl 9

Kevin Strijbos 6

Max Anstie 6

Jeremy Seewer 5

Shaun Simpson 4

Thomas Covington 4

Valentin Guillod 3

Tanel Leok 3

Thomas Olsen 3

Jordi Tixier 2

Jeremy Van Horebeek 2

Glen Coldenhoff 2

Arnaud Tonus 1

Benoit Paturel 1

Evgeny Bobryshev 1

Calvin Vlaanderen 1

All time winners list

Stefan Everts 101

Antonio Cairoli 88

Jeffrey Herlings 84

Joel Smets 57

Joel Robert 50

Eric Geboers 39

Mickael Pichon 38

Thorsten Hallman 37

Roger De Coster 36

Heikki Mikkola 32

Gaston Rahier 30

Georges Jobe 28

Andre Malherbe 28

Paul Friedrichs 28

Dave Strijbos 27

Alessio Chiodi 26

Jeff Smith 25

Clement Desalle 23

Harry Everts 22

Dave Thorpe 22

Alex Puzar 22

Sten Lundin 22

Rolf Tibblin 22

Seb Tortelli 20

Hakan Carlqvist 20

Photo Copyright: Ray Archer

Geoff Meyer



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