Jorge Prado – Red Plate Man

Red Bull GasGas Factory rider Jorge Prado knows that it is time to win himself an MXGP championship. He has spoken about being his year, but in 2023, you get the feeling that he really believes in himself. With two MX2 championships to his name, winning in the 450 class is of course a major goal for the Spanish.

“Yes,” Prado said. “I mean, it was a good weekend in Argentina. Getting out of there with the red plate, my first ever red plate. I have done great in Argentina in the past and I think it is a track everyone like and when you get into the races it gets beat up. It is a strange kind of dirt, and it is hard for riding. In my case I found a good flow and I could enjoy it more. I am happy with my off-season. We work on the bike and the team did as much as possible. I changed with my preparation, I work now with Joel Smets and I am riding a lot in Belgium and Spain and my confidence is high. I raced the Spanish championship at my home track and seeing many fans. I am healthy and in motocross it is hard to be 100%, even small crashes can cause problems. I got third last year, but hopefully this year, we will get the MXGP World title.”

Prado was very positive about the Saturday qualification race and felt the new points system with the RAM Qualifying Race will give him an advantage over his rivals. Going 1-1 in the first two races of the season in Argentina (RAM Qualifying Race and Race 1) and finishing off with a top ten place in the third race, the two-time MX2 World Championknows that being strong all weekend will get him up there.

“This new points system in the qualification race is very special, because it means you have to be consistent and I think that is something that will help me as I am good in short races and I think this will help me to gain more points.”

And now onto Sardinia for round two of the 2023 MXGP Championship. Also good memories for Prado in the deep sand, be it Assen, Lommel, or in Sardinia, he feels confident he can battle the “King of The Sand”, Jeffrey Herlings this coming weekend.

“We had some battles in the sand in 2021. He was the guy to beat and I was able to be in front of him for 26 minutes and I counted every single minute, because to be in front of him that long is a lot, for sure in the second race (in 2021). I am looking forward to it.”

As Prado now heads towards Sardinia and the very tough Riola Sardo circuit, he knows that being perfect every time isn’t possible, but to become a Motocross World Champion, slaying Herlings in the sand this coming weekend will go a long way in building his own confidence and taking away the confidence of the Dutchman. Whatever happens this weekend, rest assured Prado will be giving everything he has to gain as much confidence as he possibly can.

Photo Credit: GasGas

Geoff Meyer



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