As the year is coming to an end, it’s time to move our sights into the 2024 season. And with the excellent riding and a natural partnership we’ve fostered with the Swedish talent Alvin Östlund through the season, always improving and finishing multiple times inside the Top 10 of the MXGP, it’s only natural for us to continue our work together with Alvin.

Johan Westermark (JWR Honda Racing Team Manager):
"Having Alvin on board with us has been nothing less than great, and it is with joy that I get to announce signing with him for another year. Hard-working, intelligent and strong rider who fits the team, and brought us excellent results. I’m excited to get started with 2024 on our Hondas”. 

Patrik Erlandsson (JWR Honda Racing Team Coordinator):
“We had a brilliant season, pushing through the 20 races in the MXGP with Alvin, finding small gains everywhere throughout the season and ending with speed that at times brought Alvin inside the Top 10. Looking forwards to pushing for more."

Alvin Östlund (JWR Honda Racing MXGP Rider):
“I had an excellent year with JWR Honda Racing, feeling right at home with a Swedish team. I’ve felt happy and comfortable on the bike, and feel like I’m coming from a great year and now even more comfortable sticking with the crew I know. Working with Johan has been great and we’re looking to make 2024 even better”.

For any inquiries, you can email Patrik Erlandsson at info@westmx.se or Niklas Hampinen at photo@niklashampinen.com

Photo Credit: Niklas Hampinen



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