For Red Bull KTM Factory rider Liam Everts, the opening seven rounds have been more positive than negative, but the Belgian youngster is always looking for ways to get better and be more consistent. In France last weekend, it wasn’t a great weekend, although he still scored fifth overall, with 6-5 results, that just isn’t the performances he is looking for in general, at this point in his career.

“Difficult weekend and a bit up and down,” Everts said. “I won’t give my opinion on what happened on Saturday. Race one, I was a bit behind Sacha (Coenen), and I crashed with Kay (De Wolf), a racing incident. That can happen. Something went wrong for me at the start of the second and I struggled in the first fifteen minutes to pass the slower guys but once I got free air, I had good pace…obviously it was too late. I’ll come back better in Germany.”

Of course, while France was also muddy, it was in the deep mud of Portugal that Everts made a statement, winning the Grand Prix and really looking strong in horrible conditions. Like his legendary father (Stefan), he showed that when its raining, he can perform well and it was a feeling he won’t forget in a hurry.

“It is just awesome you know. You see a lot of guys struggling and you just pass them like, toot, toot, toot. No RPM’s, you don’t over-heat the bike, you don’t use the clutch. My dad said, some races you never forget, and you get a few like this and this was definitely one.”

Everts had climbed to third in the championship and was closing down on second placed man, although France saw him drop to fourth, but the points between, second placed man Simon Langenfelder, third placed man Lucas Coenen, Everts and fifth placed man Andrea Adamo is just 33, so the battle for that second place spot is wide open at the moment. Despite missing the opening round in Argentina due to injury, Everts is a little surprised he is in the running so quickly.

“Yes, it is surprising to me really. I mean, I don’t really look at the points. Here and there somebody tells you where you are at. We are not even a third into the championship. I am not really worried about it; I am just doing the best I can and that is all I think about at the moment.”

Now, after a somewhat disappointing round in France, Everts will fire back into life, at a circuit of Teutschenthal where he took his first of five Grand Prix victories back in 2023. Always confident and looking ahead and not back, it will be an exciting Grand Prix as this talented Belgian tries to regain the form that saw him win two in a row already this year.

Photo Credit : Ray Archer

Geoff Meyer



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