ERNEE (France) 6 October 2023 – The media day at the 2023 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations began with welcome press conferences and the ballot to determine the starting grid for the qualifying heats scheduled for the following day.

Friday's activities commenced with a warm welcome press conference, featuring Infront Moto Racing CEO David LuongoFIM/CMS Director Antonio Alia Portela and Moto Club Ernée Vice President Robin Pichonnier, who shared insights about the weekend's events.

Infront Moto Racing CEO David Luongo: “Welcome everyone, we are finally back here in Ernée for the 2023 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. This is a fantastic natural stadium or ‘chaudron’ as we say in French. The was going to be back here in 2020, but unfortunately everybody knows about the COVID and all we suffered in the last years. So after three more year of waiting, we are back here. I would like to congratulate and thank the Moto Club of Ernée for all the hard work and the investments they put in the last year to increase infrastructures and improving the capacity for the public. The MXoN is the biggest off-road event of the year and the most exciting event of the year. It's an event where the riders, ride and fight for their country, not just for their personal targets. And it's a race that gives us always big surprises, big emotions and big drama. The atmosphere is going to be incredible with the largest crowd ever expected in the MXoN history. It is going to be fantastic with all the public, the noise, the engines and all what makes this Motocross of Nations astonishing. The riders, teams and everyone on site will be able to feel and feed off the energy from the French crowd, offering the most amazing show. I wish everyone a great and safe racing weekend and I want to thank the Moto Club Ernée and all the volunteers, thank you to the French Federation of Motocross and the FIM for all the collaboration to make this event happen. Have a fantastic weekend and good luck to everyone.”

FIM/CMS Director Antonio Alia Portela: "Hello everyone on behalf of the FIM, I would like to welcome all of you to the 2023 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. It's been a fantastic season and there is no better place than Ernée to finish this year. It's going to be great and the feeling of being in such a place, full of spectators with this natural grandstand 

Moto Club Ernée Vice President Robin Pichonnier: “Welcome everyone to Ernée, We are finally here for the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations as we were waiting for this great event since 2018 when we knew we were going to host the nations. David (Luongo) told you what happened in 2020 so we are very happy to organise it this year. The weekend will be great and we are lucky to have a perfect weather forecast too. We have many teams this year that can compete for the top spots which is very good for the public and the competition. The Moto Club Ernée also want to thank Infront Moto Racing, the FIM and the FFM for their support. Thanks also to the region, the department, all the municipalities and our sponsors.”


Main Photo: (from left to right) Moto Club Ernée Vice President Robin Pichonnier, Infront Moto Racing CEO David Luongo, FIM/CMS Director Antonio Alia Portela

Small photos: 1. French draw the 26th gate 2. Ballot results 


After the press conference, the teams gathered in the media centre in Ernée for the official ballot to define the starting grid for tomorrow’s qualifying races.

The qualifying starting grid is as follows:

1. Morocco

2. Brazil

3. Ireland

4. Slovenia

5. Iceland

6. USA

7. Puerto Rico

8. Sweden

9. Croatia

10. Germany

11. Finland

12. Belgium

13. Australia

14. Mexico

15. South Africa

16. New Zealand 

17. Spain

18. Slovakia 

19. Guam

20. Estonia

21. Ukraine

22. Chili

23. Switzerland 

24. The Netherlands

25. Italy

26. France

27. Luxembourg

28. Poland

29. Norway

30. FIM Latin America 



33. Czech Republic


35. Latvia

36.Great Britain

37. Canada



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SATURDAY: 08:30 bLU cRU 125 Free/Timed Practice, 09:10 bLU cRU 85 Free/Timed Practice, 10:00 MXGP Free Practice, 10:50 MX2 Free Practice, 11:40 Open Free Practice, 13:00 bLU cRU 65 Free/Timed Practice,13:45 bLU cRU 85 Race, 14:30 MXGP Qualifying Heat, 15:30 MX2 Qualifying Heat, 16:30 Open Qualifying Heat, 17:20 bLU cRU 65 Race, 18:10 C-Final Race

SUNDAY: 08:35 B-Final Warm-up, 09:20 bLU cRU 125 Race, 10:00 MXoN Group 1 Warm-up, 10:20 MXoN Group 2 Warm-up, 11:00 B-Final, 13:10 MXGP & MX2 (MXoN Race 1), 14:40 MX2 & Open (MXoN Race 2), 16:08 Open & MXGP (MXoN Race 3).



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