Racing Preparations Continue

Finally, we had some motocross actions last weekend when MXGP World champion Tim Gajser made his return to racing at a local race in his country of Slovenia. The HRC rider posted some videos on his social media and as can be expected, many gathered to see the World Champion in action.

Of course, Gajser is excited to be back and speaking a little while ago, the HRC rider mentioned about the fact the MXGP riders will need to change their whole strategy as the FIM Motocross World Championship returns, running a number of Grand Prix’s back to back to make sure we can get the 2020 completed.

“I think it is good (normally) to have at least one weekend of break,” Gajser said. “Because the season is long, and we have 20 races. We start in March and end in September (normally), so we have three GPs in a row and then a weekend off, and it is good to have a weekend off to recharge the batteries. Right now, with this unusual situation, when we come back we will need to do many races in a row, I know that will be physically and mentally very tough, but we all want to race, so we will handle this.”

Of course, all around Europe training tracks are opening, and MXGP and MX2 riders can prepare for what is looking more and more like an August start. Former Grand Prix rider Marc De Reuver is happy that his F&H Kawasaki riders can now all train together.

“All training track in Holland open this week,” De Reuver said. “So, all my riders can train together. I have been spending some time in Belgium with some riders and Holland with other riders, but now we can all train together and that is great news. I remember when we first went into lockdown and I was sitting on the sofa and I was like, this is rather good you know. Get some rest, but then I realized I have no life without motocross. I am happy we are back training and it is a little like we are back to normal. My feeling is we will also find a way to go back to racing.”

The motocross world is without question excited as the lockdown period gets closer and closer to being completely over and we can not only get back into our normal lives, but also get the sport back on its feet and the wonderful sport of motocross can be run.

Riders like Jeffrey Herlings, Antonio Cairoli, Clement Desalle, Gautier Paulin and many more are preparing to battle each other again, and we all know that all will be doing their best to make sure when that first Grand Prix will be run again, they will all be prepared as well as possible.


Geoff Meyer



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